Quick and simple cures for overwhelm

Overwhelm can take shape in many ways and visit for many different reasons.
These are the strategies I use daily to surf the sea of overwhelm.
Some are for getting through the moment once you’re in it, others are long haul survival tips – both are important.

Tips for helping children develop a positive relationship with food

I feel one of the most valuable gifts we can bestow on our children is a a happy and healthy relationship to food – and equally – a full tank of self-love, so they remain firm in the belief that they are worthy of self care & a beautiful life filled with health + happiness. Seeing food as a form of nourishment and fuel for our precious and miraculous bodies is key! Here are some simple ways to do this …

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Hi I’m Elisha. Mama of 3 // Teacher // Certified Holistic Health Coach for families // CTC Therapist ... I'm here to support families to get healthy + happy. Read More

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