Hello! I’m Elisha Wildblood.

Welcome to Nourish ~ Nurture ~ Shine.

A place filled with wholesome and delicious recipes alongside inspiring articles on raising healthy and happy kids, and taking care of yourself while you’re at it. 

 I support families in creating a lifestyle that encourages:

::  a strong, nourished and energised body;

::  a heart filled with gratitude and self worth;

::  a mind that has all the tools and habits in place to anchor into ‘calm’ as well as  expand out brightly to dream up big, beautiful things.


I am all for empowering families to shine their brightest.

I’m a former Early Years Teacher, a Certified Holistic Health Coach with a burning passion for children’s health and wellbeing. I am also a certified CTC, NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and Reiki practitioner. I focus on emotional and mental wellbeing as well as physical health for the whole family. You can get to know me better here You can find out the many ways that I can support you here 

The latest on the blog … 

Berry Chia Pudding

I find that the use of colour and shapes can really entice children’s imaginations and spark their interest. It doesn’t have to be difficult and mother nature generously provides us with a kaleidoscope of colours to play with. This Chia pudding is the perfect example and makes a scrumptious breakfast or snack.

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Making healthy food fun for kids

Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat enough fruit and vegetables?

Sometimes a new way of serving it or a fun way to eat it can ignite their interest and get them excited.
Kids have an inherent love of FUN, so anything that has the fun factor will tickle their fancy.
Here are a few of the ways we eat fruit and vegetables and other healthy goodness in our house. These are delicious for us adults too, if you find you’re not getting enough vibrant fruit and veg in your day.

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Tips for helping children develop a positive relationship with food

I feel one of the most valuable gifts we can bestow on our children is a a happy and healthy relationship to food – and equally – a full tank of self-love, so they remain firm in the belief that they are worthy of self care & a beautiful life filled with health + happiness. Seeing food as a form of nourishment and fuel for our precious and miraculous bodies is key! Here are some simple ways to do this …

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