Healthy ideas for your next kids’ party (with the focus on fun and yum)

Parents who are looking for healthy ideas for kids’ parties can have a difficult time seeing past the mountain of processed foods laden with refined sugar, artificial colours, e-numbers and chemicals, that sadly seem synonymous with kids’ parties these days!

I’m sure many of you have experienced the post-party melt down. They run around like a lunatic at the party then come home with a huge sugar (and processed food) hangover and it’s not pretty!
Here are my tips for a healthier and happier party for your little peeps plus oodles of food ideas to get you started …

Creamy Coconut Buckwheat Porridge

Have you heard of buckwheat porridge?
Confused about what buckwheat even is?
Buckwheat is no relation to wheat and is actually not a grain at all, it is a fruit related to the rhubarb family, making it naturally gluten free.
It boasts an impressive range of nutrients and minerals.
My favourite way to eat it is as a nourishing, creamy breakfast porridge, but it is delicious as a substitute for other grains in savoury dishes too.

This is one of my favourite recipes for buckwheat porridge.

Immune Boosting Recipe for Sweet Potato Patties

Families are always asking for immune boosting recipes, especially those in the throes of a chilly winter. Building a robust immune system for you and your children is so critical in order to help resist falling prey to every bug and germ going around. Sweet potatoes are a highly nutritious vegetable packed with Vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium and fibre. The turmeric and garlic add a big punch of anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting goodness.

Plum & Vanilla Granola

I love plums.
Especially when they are fresh, sweet and juicy. This Granola will be gone in a flash so make extras and serve with fresh fruit and a dollop of creamy yoghurt. My kids make their own granola pots by layering the ingredients in and then devouring it.

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