Kids in the Kitchen 


New E-Book coming soon… 

I’m completely in love with getting kids really excited about food. But not just any old food, food that is colourful because mother-nature gave it those colours.  Food that has amazing patterns and shapes and flavours because … once again … they were bestowed by mother nature, not chemically created in a lab.

I love nothing more than to see children with an awareness of what they are eating and an excitement about what amazing things happen to their whole self when they eat those foods. I love seeing children side by side with their parents/grandparents/family/friends on a mission in the kitchen to prepare, chop, arrange, transform and explore. The learning that goes on is phenomenal, as every one of their senses is being lovingly stimulated by the foods, the discussions, the actions and the bonding that occurs during these moments

 Helping children have a happy and healthy association with food has a multitude of benefits  for their physical, mental and emotional health and vitality. The benefits are incredibly far reaching. It is encouraging them & setting them up with a healthy association to food. It’s helping them to  love themselves enough to nourish their precious bodies with wholesome foods,  which can prove amazingly protective during those years where eating disorders, addictions & negative body image,  can wreak havoc with our beautiful teens.

I believe in starting young so it becomes so naturally  in-grained within their habits and mind-set. Having said that, it is never too late to get them excited. Today is the perfect day to start. 

On a lighter note, another benefit of your children becoming healthy rockstars in the kitchen is the potential for many a healthy and amazing meal being cooked for you,  in return for all the love you poured into their meals in the early years!!                                                                    




 I have a beautiful new e-book coming very soon!

 It is all about getting kids into the kitchen and growing their awareness of all things related to edible education. I’m so excited to get this out to parents as soon as possible. 

It’s all about making edible education fun, accessible to all, safe, enjoyable and a wonderful tool for learning how to nourish our precious bodies. Stay tuned for its arrival in the coming weeks … . 


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