Hand up if you would love everyone in your family to enjoy peaceful nights?

How does bed time currently go in your house?

A few weeks back things got a bit wild in our house. I was pre-occupied with big work projects and our family had a lot going on. Before I knew it, bed time each evening had turned into a  two-hour theatrical event filled with all the drama and action of a travelling circus.

Exhausting way to end the day!

I’ve since gotten things back on track with the following nurturing little bed time habit …

Sweet Smelling Foot Rub for Peaceful Sleep  (aka ‘happy dreams potion’)

I made a simple oil blend with essential oils (recipe below),  put it in a small glass jar by each of their beds and  labelled it “happy dreams potion”.

(* Please remember to keep it stored safely out of reach of small children,  to avoid ingestion)

While I massage it into their feet they tell me what they want to dream about and we often come up with three favourite/happy things that happened that day.

The massaging of your children’s feet is a lovely way to connect at the end of the day and it also has the added benefit of containing essential oils that have calming, soothing and relaxing properties.

It can take 1 minute, if time is of the essence , or you can turn it into a longer, bonding experience  if you have the luxury of more time.

I  put a little of the mixture on the palm of my hand and rub together to warm it up.  Then I hold the palm of my hand firmly on their sole for a few seconds. Then I just gently rub over their foot. Heel to toe works best. Gentle strokes on calves, circular motions with your thumb around top of foot and sole and using knuckles to run up and down sole of foot are all lovely techniques to stimulate the acupressure points on the feet.

My kids are quick to tell me what they do and don’t like! It is meant to be relaxing, soothing and feel enjoyable for them, so let them guide you.

I use pure + therapeutic grade essential oils. Always be sure to buy the highest quality essential oils you can afford, they’re not all created equal. I also like to use caution when it comes to usage,  especially for small children. The recommendation might be different depending on where you are accessing your information.  I use somewhere between  .25% – .50% dilution for my little ones. This means 1 drop of essential oil for every 2-4 drops of carrier oil  . This is a dilution I feel is both safe and effective for children under 8. I double the strength for myself. 

Sweet smelling ‘Happy Dreams Potion’

2 drops lavender essential oil 

2 drops mandarin essential oil 

2 drops of frankincense essential oil

Mix in to 80 mls of coconut oil (or preferred base carrier oil) 

It smells divine and is equally great for frazzled mamas, wired dads, grumpy teens and anyone else needing some help with peaceful sleep!

You could just add one of the single essential oils by themselves, you can also substitute for other essential oils with calming properties or alternatively if you aren’t keen on essential oils you could just use a plain oil such as coconut, grapeseed, apricot kernel, olive or almond oil. 

My children love this little bedtime ritual, I hope your family do too. 

I also went back to this  handy little collection of tools I was using last year when I wrote this post about creating dreamy bedtime rituals, it is filled with ideas for getting little ones into bed happily  (minus the two hour circus performance)

I hope this helps bring a bit of sweet smelling calm to your family’s sleep routines.

Elisha x

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