Have you heard of buckwheat porridge?

Confused about what buckwheat even is?

Buckwheat is often categorised as a grain because it is similar in it’s appearance and use. But despite its name, it is no relation to wheat and is actually not a grain at all, it is a fruit related to the rhubarb family, making it naturally gluten free.

It boasts an impressive range of nutrients and minerals. It is high in vitamin B, niacin, magnesium, manganese, fibre and protein (particularly lysine).

I remember  first being introduced to it by my naturopath while I was pregnant with my daughter,  she recommended I eat it regularly to support the veins in my legs … as it is great for promoting vascular health with its high levels of flavonoid Rutin.

It also makes a fantastic gluten free breakfast for young babies once they are weaning onto solids, as it is gentle on the tummy.

My favourite way to eat it is as a nourishing, creamy breakfast porridge, but it is delicious as a substitute for other grains in savoury dishes too.

I buy the raw groats and if I have time, I soak them in some water & a squeeze of lemon juice for a couple of hours to increase digestibility. Then I drain and cook.  If I don’t have time for this I quickly toast them on a dry pan for a few minutes (you can buy them already toasted they are called kasha). The roasting increases the nutty flavour.

This  is one of my favourite recipes for buckwheat porridge.


+ 1 cup of buckwheat groats (pre-soaked) or dry roasted kasha.

+ 2  cups of milk of choice ( I use 2 cups of homemade coconut milk but you can use your preferred milk or substitute 1 cup of water as well ) … may need extra as it is cooking and absorbing. 

+ handful of fresh or frozen blueberries 

+ 1 apple, roughly grated.

++ Extra Coconut milk or cream for serving and some fresh berries to sprinkle on top.


Add the buckwheat, liquid and apple to a pan and gently cook over a medium heat, keeping a close eye & stirring often to ensure it doesn’t stick and monitor the liquid level. About 30 minutes should be long enough for the buckwheat to be soft and creamy, but times will vary on the liquid you choose as well as the heat source on your stove top.

Serve with some coconut cream or milk and top with your choice of berries or other fruits. If you require more sweetness you could add a chopped date or a drizzle of rice syrup or pure organic maple syrup.

I make a large batch and keep it in a glass container in fridge and reheat with a little extra liquid the next morning.